Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Regretted tragedy

Being a victim of any regretted tragedy is very romantically glorified! May be that's the reason why you observe majority prefer that state - deep indulgence of sympathy and tears. It more often renders people mixing tragedy with regrets without even understanding the difference between the two. It does create an impression of - "So long as it generates sympathy and sulking, its perfectly fine!"

Tragedy may occur due to external forces. Which leaves us with only acceptance of the same to move on. There are very little things in one's control when it is a tragedy. But the one thing in your control needs to be exercised in full form - accepting it as your foundation.

Regrets occur due to wrong choices. As Mark Twain says - "Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do..." And that is no tragedy! Not being able to make the right choice, failing to take the onus of one's choices and finding answers within oneself is the way to not live with regrets.

Mixing these two would be a real regretted tragedy, wouldn't it? But if this distinction is clear, a greater realization dawns upon us - "We being extremely privileged". That enables real acceptance and moving on... letting go... taking off...

Saturday, 20 July 2013

6 weeks Scan

A very tiny little spot on the screen was seen and we were told it was the baby! A very very small dot inside this spot was vibrating and that was the heart beat! One of the most fascinating moments of these weeks definitely! It just made all those bad stomach experiences worth it! Oh the bad stomach days...

My husband and mother were there too! Like all mom's, my mom was almost in tears when she saw it. My husband gave a very sensitive smile. I know what he was feeling deep inside! And I, well, I was laughing out loud! That was the only thing that slipped spontaneously out of me! I guess, it was just the awe struck me, with how the nature works! And of course, the ability to make another human being is special! 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Agony Tummy!

"I want something to eat.
Have this... It is very tasty!!!
I don't feel like eating it...
Its been over 2 hours, have you had your mid meal?
Yes, but there is something wrong with my stomach! 
Do you want to drink something?
Do you want to eat something?
Let's make something fresh for a quick snack!

This is kind of a trailer of how my conversations regarding food have been since the past week! There is so much of rummaging happening in my stomach these days! And believe me, it takes immense energy to keep a simple smile on your face with this condition! 

The only thing that has worked on me under such times is to get some work and it just switches off the effects for that time!! Ahh haa! What a feeling is that!! Of course, it only applies when you love what you do! :-) 

Monday, 15 July 2013


There is this tremendous longing for a good night's sleep already! With my chronic Asthma, my nights are usually dancing between - sneezing, sitting up right, blowing nose, changing sides and if all is well, grab a little bit of sleep. After a long struggle through the night of this dancing, I finally get a little fatigued sleep very early in the morning!

But since the past 3 days this junior inside me is asking for more sleep! I can't believe the effects its having on me in just 4 weeks time! I am able to grab a power nap in the afternoons! And even though, it just lasts for 20 - 30 minutes without the sneezing et. al. cycle , it recharges me till my evening walk! 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

First gynecologist Meeting

By first gynecologist meeting I mean, first after the positive home pregnancy test. One of our preparations for planning the pregnancy was to meet the gynecologist to explicitly tell her of our plan. And even if we already knew what she had to say, it was something we feel was right to do!

While doing the ultrasonic, she spotted a small dot on the screen and said that, that was my sac! I started laughing and couldn't stop till a long time. I had made a list of questions regarding the upcoming 9 months. She answered all of them and ensured that I was satisfied! It's time like these that you realize how a doctor to whom you are comfortable with makes a difference! In my case, my gynecologist knew my parents even before I was born and I have always addressed her as my Aunt! I couldn't be happier that she is my doctor through out these months! :-)

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Positive Home Pregnancy Test

We decided to start trying for a baby on our 4th Anniversary which is in the month of May. What was a planned trip to match my ovulation dates (I used an online ovulation calculator - totally recommended!!!) turned out to be an extremely enjoyable trip for all other reasons! We chose a new place Gir Forests, and given our inclination towards exploring new places, we enjoyed doing that more! Based on our experience, if you wish to get privacy for this purpose, go to a vacation spot you have already been to!

The next month, we were on our own at home, thankfully!! It was unbelievable to see the accuracy of online ovulation calculator! The home pregnancy test report is positive on this very day!!! Both of us were together when I took it and it just made it that much more special!! :-)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Burn out don't fade away

I always associate happiness with fitness! That feeling of being "Fit" is truly a demonstration of all the determination and hard work put in by you. Because, only "You" are responsible for your happiness. Every time I hear reasons by someone for not being able to allot time for fitness, I know I am looking at someone who is putting the body and mind in trouble or mostly, it's already in trouble! Very honestly, "I don't have time", is a grown up version of "the dog ate my homework"! So, for those of you who use this as the reason, I am hoping that you would change your perspective and try a bit harder to make that time! For the ones who are struggling with "what can I do for fitness?", please have look at the list below. And for the fitness freaks who are example setters because of their regularity, determination and results, please share with me your routines! I cannot wait to try your ways! :-)

Here's a list of things I do or have tried in the past and have found great! It's a good trick to keep changing your exercise regimes as well. Your body gets to break its monotony and your mind gets an added excitement!




Swimming - Breast Stroke I am swimming this stroke for over 10 years now.
Badminton :-D Not really to this extent. Enjoy the video, its incredible!
Table Tennis :-D I am a very basic TT player. Another brilliant video!


Lately my work outs are more over at the Gym. Below are a few exercises focused on training specific areas for advance strength.

Upper Body
Basic arms workout
Chest, Biceps and Triceps tone
Side Waist
Side Abdominal
Lower abdominal
Waist and Legs
Lower Abdomin and Thighs
Pelvis Bridge
Love Handles

Lower Body
Full body move
Legs tone
Single Leg Squat
Bulgarian Squat
Split Squat with Side Kick
Inner Thighs
Outer Thighs
Hips & Thighs
Glutes and Legs
Glutes and hamstrings
Quadriceps and knees

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Worthless Anger

Have you ever experienced the feeling of the utmost urge to prove yourself? Since I have, it gives me this special ability to validate few facts that I get to hear all the time as heavy doses of advice. Honestly, its not their fault to begin with. Especially when someone like me, who has a long history of temper (... real bad temper) I just don't know how, I always get into situations where people throw judgements at you and then arguments begin regarding the same. I would like to state that such type of arguments are never nasty, at least with me. But the intensity of taking such judgements personally only affects me. After a long series of ruining my own jolly mood over these things, I am finally able to accept it as absolute petty stuff and move on. Here's how I could let go by really listening to the advices! :-)
  1. It is a complete waste of time, energy and PEACE OF MIND. It is like a wrestling game with a pig where you think you are fighting a genuine opponent. But after sometime you realize that you are full of dirt and the pig is utterly enjoying it!
  2. Judgements are called so because they have no resemblance to facts. If the people are already judging you before knowing you, what makes you think they would even bother to listen to the reality? 
  3. Your true worth is not in wining an argument off your worth, but in going beyond them and joining the laughing club around it. If there is no reality in what is said about you, just go with the flow of jokes. I know it is always easy said than done. But I have been there and done that. And the first time when I was able to join in the laughter, it just gave me a different level of understanding the superficiality of such people cracking jokes on someone else's worth. What's the bet, they themselves are worthless and use such defence mechanisms to camouflage it? To be honest, I feel deep pity for such people who can't be honest with themselves, let alone others.
Just like infinite number of ways one can live a life, infinite number of triggers ignite one's anger! Only those who have temper issues would understand this analogy! I do have a long long way to go before I can even say "my anger is in my control". But I have surely over come one of the main triggers! 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Italian 3 course meal

Till now I have only shared single recipes which turned out to be good for me! And by all means I shall continue doing that till I stop cooking for pleasure. An idea struck me while making a proper theme meal on one weekend - Sharing interesting combinations of 3 to 4 course meals that I have tried out. As in, its a different thing to cook one dish at a time and enjoy it. And its a totally different thing when you combine 3 to 4 different dishes as a part of one menu. In spite of having made perfect dishes, if they don't go well with each other, it turns out to be a complete disastrous. I am a total get together person and so, it happens quite often for me to plan menus for the same. I am sure if you like planning thematic meals, this might help you in doing so. Voilà, my first Get Together Menu!! :-)

Since I followed all the recipes from Internet without any of my additions, I am sharing the links of the same.

Italian 3 course meal...

Baby Potato Salad

Classic Spaghetti Nepolitana

Mocha Tiramisu

Friday, 11 January 2013


My opinion on the reasons of celebration, confusions regarding what it is by and large perceived as and also to some extent agitation over justifications of "celebrations" suddenly seemed answered when I heard this experience! It became crystal clear to  me as to what is worth celebrating. Who are the people who should become a part of one's celebrations. And lastly, very sad feeling for the perception of it in our society that truly spoils the beauty of pure celebration!

"Since 4 months a teen aged boy used to come on this jogging track with his 3 companions. He was tied to a wheelchair due to a terrible mishap. But everyday he used to come for attempting to walk with the help of these 3 people. One of them used to support him from behind and the other two from each side. Once he was able to stand up, then all of them used to help him walk around 8 to 10 steps with partially carrying his weight. At the 10th step, he used to get so exhausted that he had to be helped to sit back into the wheelchair immediately. This entire exercise used to last for 30 minutes. Each and every member on the jogging track used to see him and feel extremely sorry about the poor kid's condition. But everyone without fail smiled and waved at him with utmost encouragement! 

This routine continued everyday without fail for almost 4 months till that day when the entire jogging track stood still for 20 minutes. This kid stood up like everyday with the help of his companions. After the first step, he walked the remaining 9 steps all by himself!! He was clapping for himself to get the rhythm and strength to walk up those steps. When he took the first step without help, there was a huge cheering by the people who were close by. And suddenly each and every member gathered around him within a few minutes! Everyone was clapping, shouting, cheering and in their hearts wholeheartedly celebrating this wonderfully special moment!"

I was numb till my bones for a very long time. My eyes went moist after this narration settled down in my mind. The real moment was there - at that time when he walked on his own between those people who saw him everyday practising it! It was that part where the entire track stood still just to encourage him and bless him for witnessing this special achievement! It was neither about the display, nor about any competitive performance. It was never about invitations nor about stereotypical parties. What had happened there was simple spontaneous celebration in its purest form!

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