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Perfection Personified!

Something really really interesting for Dancers! I loved everything about this performance: presentation, choreography, dancers, rigour and lastly perfection to the core!!

p.s: It feels nice to see others a la indienne!!! :-)

A new way

This medical break has given me so much time that being idle, all I can do is think all the time!! I used to wonder how can people day dream, or lie around doing nothing at all!! And being a hyper-active person, I never really liked it..
But after these weeks, for the first time I feel it is not really bad (to do it once in a while!) Of course I do not wish to take away the credit of all those who actually got me convinced about this! I am happy they are successful!! For me, it is indeed a new way of recovering! :-) Thanks to everyone!!! :-) p.s: Dedicated to respond to Infinite's statement! Your point has been noted! :-)


I abide by a principal of being able to deserve returns by means of achievement. It gives a mysterious pleasure and a sense of accomplishment, when you have worked hard and then had a deserving celebration!
For the past 2 weeks I have been on strict rest (read "no work") prescribed by doctor. Details of health are too frustrating to pen them down. Its just that, when you are doing nothing, a medical rest seems to be undeserving too! Is it wrong to think this way?? What is better? To deserve the rest and recover one's health, or to take the undeserving rest and compromise on the peaceful nights sleep? I am still confused!!!

Its easy when said and done!

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? - P. B. Shelly (from-Ode to the West Wind)

I admire this ode for the positive vibes it gives out. The quoted sentence is the concluding line and it induces peace of mind! For me, this over powers the proverbial statement "Its always easy said than done!" I say, "If its easy to say, then better get it done!" :-)

Last Concern

"... It was drizzling enough to make the roads slippery. At sunset, just before darkness completely sets it, a Volvo was speeding to reach its destination. For some unknown reason the speed manifested urgency. And on a risky turn, the bus skid from the track. The layer of mushy land accumulated against the tyres stopped it from toppling. For a second nothing was in place!"

I was one of the passengers. At the time we went off the road, I wasn't sure what was coming! At that time the only thing on my mind was, if I die, let it be a peaceful death! It is difficult to accept that I didn't think of anyone else. All the relationships, commitments, responsibilities seemed to be so trivial to even come to my mind!

I am still not sure if its nature or instinct to be concerned about only oneself at the end or is it pure defence mechanism?

Re- al/ bel

What is better? Being faithful to your partner because of the conventions, or because of your virtue? Fidelity in our society leads to obligations in a relationship rather than choices. An act contributing to a relationship out of choice gives it a profound significance. Actually this is a rhetorical question. What I fear is the point where it will be difficult to identify an act’s motive and the apprehension of a beautiful reason to become doubtful. I don’t know the reason behind this feeling, but it is difficult for me to come to terms with the social rules for relationships. On a second note, I strongly believe that social norms of fidelity suck out the genuineness of a relationship. So I CHOOSE to not abide by them!

City of Fast Life

The richest man stays in this city,
So does a beggar who dies of hunger,
Somewhere an entrepreneur sets leading examples
And somewhere a gangster plans destructions.
Here, some give life and some take life,
Because; anything is possible in the city of fast life!

Dear ones are not known by their presence in the heart,
They exist because they need one’s income’s part.
Gone are the days when there were gentlemen’s words,
If you want to win the race, grab all the loop holes;
Here, the key to success is nothing but bribe,
Because; anything is possible in the city of fast life!

Distances in hours, meetings in minutes,
Expressions in seconds and interactions in fractions!
Where the rate of marriages equals that of divorce rates;
Living together but cannot define the relationship’s fate,
No one shudders to be with someone else’s wife.
Because; anything is possible in the city of fast life!

Too much time goes in coping with the speed,
Families become burden and children become liabilities;
When this momentum appl…


So simple it is to live,
So simple it is to love,
So simple it is to smile,
So simple it is to win,
But the fact is it is so difficult to be…
So Simple!

p.s. Isn’t it true? I still fail to understand how we land up complicating simple things!


"It is a funny thing about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."
-Somerset Maugham

One of the reasons why perfectionists are so is because they can’t settle for second best. They focus and accomplish smaller goals to cumulatively achieve more every time. And success for them is a never ending process. In fact, for them success is a by product of incessant progress. Even though these statements seem to be mundane, they indeed qualify as an example for “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently!” We seldom realize that mediocrity in our life is only because we compromise on the unavailability of the best. And winners go on to become the mile stones in that domain just because they hold on further where we give up.

I wish to conclude with one of my favorite quotes by my guide, “Knowing and not doing is not knowing!” :-)

Google Rocks

There has been weird turn of events lately. It all began with my mail getting hacked. I wasn’t super upset about it because I knew I have a parallel account from where I can retrieve my Gmail password within no time. But no, it gets even worse. My parallel account has been hacked too…

By the time I had digested this, I was struggling to convince myself that it’s not the end of the world if your password is cracked. The option of ‘forgot password’ was still in my hands. But the real joke begins here… with my security question changed there was no way I could get thorough the other account as well! This was the last straw. I felt as if been slapped across my face!!!

The thought of not being able to access my own account wounded me. Besides, my professional correspondence was locked. And the impending doom of retrieving all the lost contacts shook me to my foundations! I am not a technical person either to understand what exactly could be done to get through. (Not that the techies can! :-P…

Financial Year 2008-09

“Small minds talk about Sales,
Average minds talk about Business,
Great minds talk about Growth,
LEGENDS never talk,
They only perform!!!”


P.S: This is my first experience of a financial year-end and New Year beginning. Had heard a lot about such changeovers; apart from a few mistakes that I made, it was an experience to be celebrated! The targets for sales and production, all the statements and mainly the New Year plan was really interesting. :-)

I love or don’t, is the question…

Adhering to the promise I made to Infinite (the one who commented on Sarabhai…) I am trying not to sound sarcastic or offensive. :-)
Following is an absolutely atypical and one of the most beautiful definitions of love I have come across. AK said this complicated thing (perhaps perceived!) in such a simple way that simply bowled out everyone present at our simple get together. It’s indeed true that, often-superlative things emerge from simplest sources or situations.

“Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a state of mind. And a trigger is required to transpire into that state. And that trigger is no more than grief. To put it in a cause-effect structure, if one feels sad because he cannot see someone in pain, then he is in love with that person. For e.g. if an infant’s death (grief) makes the parents sad because they cannot see the other in pain, they fall in love. Following this theory, the frequent question asked ‘do you love me?’ actually sounds irrelevant. It could better be, ‘do I love you?’ …

The Mind of a Parent says “…

How I wish to hold your hand,
And take you out for a walk,
Play your favorite music band,
And have a long night’s talk.

How I wish to lull you to sleep,
To help you solve the math sums,
And plan my days and keep
For you, the next holiday that comes.

How I wish to see your face,
When you walk without fear,
And I am sure you’ll win the race,
To make me proud of you my dear.

How I wish to not accept this,
And never want to give it up.
But I have to face the truth that is,
My child is now a grown up!


Vipassana is a technique of introspection preserved by monks. This Indian origin type of meditation has been used and passed on for years together. Its detailed history is available on any search engine and if anyone wishes to take this course, you can log on their website

Its main branch (referred as “Pagoda of Dhammagiri”) is at Igatpuri: a small town between Mumbai and Nashik cities. This technique requires minimum of 10 days stay away from your routine life. Out of curiosity and honestly, to some extent because it was totally non-religious and non-traditional, I choose to take this course.

One has to resist all types of communications and keep mute during all these days. Those who know me are in for a shock! I did that!!! I didn’t utter a word, nor did I communicate through actions for all the 10 days. You start your day as early as 4.30 a.m. and have only one meal per day. It sounds difficult but when you have nothing to do, even this is at times more than r…

In Search of Innocence…

One of my interests lies in upbringing, be it in anything. I love to take care of pets, kids and to the extent of grand parents also… I think it’s more to do with compassion than patience. But yes I love to indulge myself with care taking during my leisure time. My experiences in the past few years actually got me frustrated with the new generation kids. Initially I thought it was due to an over dose of baby-sitting. But then realized that it was the kids not my lack of interest!!!

If the attributes to children, adolescents, teenagers, and later age groups get miss matched, its sinfully nauseating. A snobbish kid is as intimidating as a kiddish grown up. In case of an adult, you can at least hold him responsible. But in case of children, it’s only their parent’s failure. It is depressing how today’s upbringing systematically destroys the innocence. Given the justifications that come while explaining the nuisance created by their kids, I can only wish that that time could be used to imp…

Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai!!!

Recently I happened to watch a few episodes of “Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai”. And I couldn’t help but admire the overall quality of Indian television. One of the major reasons I don’t like to watch sitcoms is because that time can be put to better use. Of course this serial made me break the record of not watching anything for 3 years. And made me accept that this serial is in all respect an exception to the pathetic standard of Indian television. (No offence intended to the people who follow the K series or for that matter spend unnecessary time in front of the TV.)

The middle class post-mortem with the relevant examples leaves you rolling on the floor. Satish Shah just proves that no one can replace him ever. So does his co-star Ratna Pathak-Shah. The weird poems by their son Roshesh (Rajesh Kumar) beat every humour hands down! I wanted to write a poem a la Roshesh!!! And made him my muse all this while… I have tried to inculcate his rhyme scheme and a story in this poem… (People who watch…

Different Strokes!

All those who know me can vouch my weird connection with animals. I can communicate, understand and relate to them with an ability that can be considered above average amongst people who are animal friendly. This is one of my innate interests, so considering pets as family comes to me too naturally to term them a liability.

I never knew I could be taken as a master till my latest pet did. My limited time at home because of work got me involved more into his training. Perhaps, that’s the reason why he took me as a master. It was when he attacked my relative who was hitting me (In fun), that it was confirmed I was the master to him.

It just makes me feel special!!! :-)

A Visit to the Central Jail, Nashik

Part II: Sensation

Like mentioned at the beginning in part one, am juxtaposing the events and commotion it caused in my head at that time.

Meeting room: The emotion of interacting with your people at the mercy of others is something, we, who belong to the other side of the fence won’t be able to empathize at all. Confronting this lifestyle calls for a high level of acceptance and courage. But the one convicted goes through this for his proved crime. It’s a horrendous anguish for the one who comes to visit him. To not touch your loved one, to see him through blurred glass, to talk only for 20 minutes, to see his deterioration by every meeting, to encounter the humiliation for being associated with him are few of the obvious inevitable repercussions that innocent has to wrestle with all the time…

Work Stations: Prima facie, the use of man power instead of machines seems to be a very backward management approach, but after knowing their logic behind the same, makes it the best way. To keep …

A Visit to the Central Jail, Nashik

Part I: Narration

Following is the exact sequence of my visit to the jail. I have tried to the best of my abilities to remember it as an episode and pen it down. It was an experience of a lifetime that shook my outlook of life to its foundations. And to give justice to it, I wish to divide it in two parts. Part one has the actual events. Part two will depict its impressions on me...

We began with the meeting room. The room was divided in two parts with a partial glass framework. And the prison’s side had small cubicle-like structures for security purpose. Both the sections were connected through telephone hand sets with intercom. There was a woman on our side weeping and talking to her husband. Just then another woman came in running with a baby in her hands. She was holding the baby and describing its developments. The convicted on the other side was pressing the glass with desperation and trying to hold back his emotions. We were told the frequencies of such meetings are: for convicte…

Unwanted Advice!! ;-)

Why to say I hate or I shall never meet or it’s a time out with…etc (A person)? In other words, mean to cut someone out of one’s life. Firstly, there is always a reason for any association. There is something in that person which sort of fills the jig-saw puzzles within us. Of course this applies to the connections which stick on to us since donkey’s years. And secondly relations are not child’s play that ends after you grow out of its novelty.

If there is a fundamental flaw in the purpose, it has to lapse. Like, if the motive is selfish, intentionally temporary, replacement of someone else in ones life, etc. it ends. Reason for the correlation defines the end.

People, who claim they have forgotten someone, often talk more about them since their stated split up. Or worse, a sense of retribution gives their happiness to that person. Indeed an associate, friend or foe is never forgotten.

It affirms one thing. There is definitely some reason why people never forget a person once associated …


There is a slight difference between being born matchless and conditioned to be matchless. To subjugate them one needs to focus on self. Sounds very self-absorbed, but a dear friend thought me how important it is to begin from self. He was born with a handicap, so no conditioning could alter that fact. His focus remained on what he can do to overcome the effects of the handicap. And today he is indeed matchless at it. He exemplifies the worth of choices. No wonder he says, “Our choices make a difference!”