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ना जाने हम कहाँ आए हैं? याद तो बस इतना है की हम साथ हैं| 
तुम्हारे हाथोंका मेरे हाथोंसे टकराना  हलकेसे हमारी उँगलिओंका उलझना  वो सारी अनकहीं बातें समझना  एकदूजेके होने का एहेसास होना
ना जाने हम कहाँ आए हैं?  याद तो बस इतना है की हम साथ हैं| 
दबी दबी  सांसोंका रोकना  आहिस्ता होटोंसे टोकना  हर एक पल को दिल से छूना  एकदूजे में मदहोशिसे खो जाना 
क्यों जाने हम कहाँ आए हैं?  जब हम साथ है तो जिंदगी मुस्कुराती है| 
हम साथ हैं तो पतझड़ में  बहार आती है  हम साथ है तो धरती पे सारें रंग सजतें हैं  हम साथ हैं तो सुर संगीत गातें हैं  हम साथ है तो मौसम गुनगुनाता है 
क्यों जाने हम कहाँ आए हैं?  जब हम साथ है तो जिंदगी मुस्कुराती है|

Can Love and Chauvinism Coexist?

In a society where relationships are formed on everything else first and "Compatibility" and "Respecting life outside of each other" comes at the bottom of the list (Sometimes, even not on the list), leave very little scope for love! A typical Indian marriage expects the woman to leave everything behind and start her life afresh with her husband! What is more surprising, this theory applies to both Arranged as well as Love marriages in India! The only difference being, the couple knows each other before they marry. There is a huge difference between knowing someone as a person and knowing someone as a cohabitant! When you know someone as a person, it is only limited to the side you witness with interactions. So knowing the personality, preferences, habits and so on, are only limited to the perspective of those interactions. When you live with the same person, the entire outlook changes! The "knowing" of that person goes deeper and adds too many facets wh…

Self Proclaimed Free Advisers

There exists a unique species of "Self-Proclaimed-Free-Advisers" in this world. You keep meeting different types of these species in different phases of your life! There are Education and Career SPFA, then there are Fitness SPFA, not to forget the Relationship SPFA and certainly Parenthood SPFA. These are the ones I have seen more often, I am sure there would be more. This service provided really has nothing to do with their abilities or success stories in the respective free advice topics!  But if you are born lucky (I certainly do not believe that there is such a thing!), only then you will not encounter such people! So chances are very high that you might have already met them! If not, you will meet them in the near future for sure!

After a lot of frustrations and annoyance regarding this species (Oh! Did I forget to mention that there is a huge element of "Judgments and Prejudices" when these people start talking?), I have found out a way to make it more produ…


"A picture is worth a thousand words!" - Napoleon Bonaparte! A beautiful phrase dated at least two centuries ago, describes a picture best even today! Back then, there were only artists who were responsible for capturing those special thousand words! The introduction of camera happened only in the 1800s. Using a camera was a rarity until the digital cameras came in the late 1900s. Even before the 'digi-cams' became popular, phones with built in cameras were introduced. And with the introduction of "Smart Phones", the entire concept of "Photography" has reached a point that requires an alteration.

Photography was once a skill mastered by only a few! They were glamorous highly paid artists pertaining to only a few fields like press or royal families coverage! These artists were only afforded by the rich class and in those times, owning a camera was a social prestige issue. Today its exactly the opposite. There is at least one self proclaimed photog…

How do you take your Coffee?

There is practically no one who can say, "I have never been disappointed with my hot stimulant!" You can only eventually reach that perfect match! (Disclaimer - no pun intended!)
How many times have you ordered the wrong coffee because you didn't know how it's made?? Or worse, how many times you went wrong in making that perfect cup of coffee you loved at your favorite coffee shop??
Thanks to a promotion by 'Kitchenware Superstore' you can pick your perfect cuppa!! They have given the basic types of coffees, how they are made and thankfully how they are spelled. 
It's not only a good marketing gimmick, but a very needed educative literature on Coffee! Ever since Chain of Big Coffee Outlets have become popular in Indian cities, people find something terribly glamours about it. It's incomprehensible how people can talk so much over a drink they can't even spell right! Hearing an "EXpresso" or "Cafe ou Late" is so very nerve shat…

Doctor's Curse

Doctors have a very predictable response mechanism! As per their preference the chronology may differ, but by and large this trio features in every visit. Pediatricians blow these out of proportion and Homeopathy doctors are exact opposite! Be brief! (Hello, I am not even half way through my description!)Don't be so worried! (I am not worried, I want to know if I need to worry!)Stop panicking! This happens when you have ---. (How would I know? You are the doctor not me! At least tell me the list of symptoms and then ask me not to panic!)
The list goes on digressing to your personality, to life style, to your profession and what not... Honestly, before you begin to lose it, I would suggest bring your focus back on the reason you visited the doctor. 
Experience is the best teacher and given my history with doctors, I consider myself to have enough first hand experiences to derive this theory! (This happens when you have inherited chronic diseases.) Doctors seem to be averse toward …

Feed - in and out

Breast feeding your baby is one of the overtly glorified feature of motherhood in our society! It's like if you don't breast feed, your entire motherhood is failed! I was brain washed about breast feeding my baby even before I had my baby. The big family and extended family that I have, seemed little for this purpose, so even a Breast Feeding Expert was enrolled in my motherhood! Honestly, I never knew something as basic and instinctive as breast feeding needed experts. Due respect to their profession and also the need of it to the society, but I certainly didn't need one in my life. I can say this blatantly because her involvement did rather bad to me than any good!

My breast feeding case in a nut shell would be something like this - The latching of baby - the very first step of breast feeding and establishing the process happened while I was in the hospital. This was within first 3 days of my baby's birth. My baby was on complete breast feeding for 20 days. After th…

Life Saver in your Hospital Bag

As cliched as it may sound, your hospital bag packed well in time is a LIFE SAVER!! Having everything on the right time is more important than having everything ready. And only when you are ready, you will have everything just in time when you need it. I had my bags packed during my 7th month into pregnancy. Also I kept them in a corner where everyone could see but they never got in anyone's way. I went into labor two weeks prior to my due date and woke up everyone literally in the middle of the night. All my family had to do, is pick up the two bags, tuck me and bags in the car and drive! Now you know why I propagate making lists and plans and be ready well before time? To be ready which helped me, I am sharing the two lists that made my hospital bags. As for the right time - Best of all wishes for the new adventure! :-)

Mother’s Hospital Bag Check List
1.Hospitals previous reports & file 2.SOS medicine kit (if applicable) 3.Sanitary Napkins – 2 packets 4.Undergarments – min 4 set…