Wednesday, 25 November 2009


It is really unbelievable how people cannot see what is dead evident! So is the guts of few to blame things on some so called "Supernatural Power"! I really am unable to analyse the minds of people who take decisions based on the future readings. All the questions below are still searching for answers!

Do people get lost in their merry own worlds to such an extent that they stop asking questions to verify facts? Or is it mere distortion of facts to evade reality? Why is the fear of facing reality so great that it overpowers the feeling of knowing the truth???

When something goes wrong how is it every time someone else responsible? Ever wondered of going wrong ourselves somewhere? What might be the chances of we making the wrong decisions, interpreting things incorrectly and doing exactly opposite of something to be done at a particular time? Even though it is easier to correct things in our scope why is it always believed that someone else is writing things already and so nothing can be done now?

If everything could be determined in advance, then why could we not save the horrendous evils happening in the history? If destiny gets you where you go, then why even work hard in the present? It is not people who are great, its the extraordinary actions of people that make them great! Then why is their credit taken away by tracing such achievements in some illogical paper?

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Old is Gold!

I can listen and watch these songs for hours together... My opinion of "Old is Gold" gets stronger with every time I come across something as original as this!!! :-)

All those who think technology makes human skills redundant should try singing these compositions in one shot and then repeat their statement! You have to be a genius for being a part of this! Being an ardent lover of music and die hard fan of Kishore Kumar, I take it as my responsibility to keep these songs alive!! :-)

p.s: Also the videos can give today's film makers a run for their money! :-)

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