Monday, 15 March 2010

Experience Sharing At TLC

My first ever experience sharing speech! I was so scared that I apparently finished this speech in just 2 mins! :-O Being the youngest in the group and yet to be one of the experience sharing speakers made me shake to my foundations!

A very good evening to all of you!

Even though I am terrified to the core at this moment, I consider myself to be extremely lucky and thankful to Bagwe Sir for giving me this opportunity!

I was completely confused as to what I can do in office when I first heard of TLC from Devesh Kaka! He has a mysterious influence on me! So I was convinced that I have to meet Bagwe Sir once in my lifetime! Going by my absence of work experience, it was rather learning how to work than unlearning! But I had this ultra complex of being a non-technical person to work in the family business that needed the unlearning! Bagwe Sir very convincingly kept on telling me that being a non-technical will help you from not getting trapped into daily trouble shooting activities on the shop floor! And you will have more time to learn something else!

I learnt the extent of respecting time only when I started my sessions with Bagwe Sir. I still remember him telling me “if you do not respect your own time, how can you expect others to respect your time? 5 pm means you walk in the meeting room at 4.50pm, period.” As for the home works, well he only said “the day you have reasons to have not done it, you do not come for the sessions from that very day!” For him it was may be just a decent discipline expected from his student, but for me it was the first lesson of commitment towards our home business and also my own life!

I am also a student of MBA in Family Managed Business from SP Jain Institute! When I joined this course in 2008, I was already a year in TLC. I felt as if I was going back to high school to get a certificate, when I was learning something at a level of Masters in TLC!

The clarity of helping my mentors leverage on my initial 10-15 years of being young and exploiting the flexibility that comes with this age is only because of TLC! I am grateful for life to Bagwe Sir and TLC for being the Light house of my professional as well as personal sailing ships!

Thank you!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

You & I - On My Twin's Wedding!

You & I were born together,
Never were we apart from each other,
People called it sharing lives,
But we actually lived one life!

We were the only entities in two,
Rest everything was 'one' for me and you!
One home, one wardrobe, one cell and one bike,
I cannot forget those never ending rides!

You always had that extra elderliness,
Still you said that I was your strength and you my weakness,
May be it was then only a passing comment,
But today I understand what you really meant!

The day when you begin your new innings,
Remember it doesn't mean our life is ending!
Though away from each other we will be,
In my heart you will always be!!!

p.s: Muggi, I know you are laughing out loud!! But this is the best I could rhyme sentences!! :-D

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