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In your remembrance...

Rohan Gaekwad
Its hard to say good bye... And it so happened last week (20-07-2011) I was in a state of confusion, shock, sorrow, helplessness and all other emotions that take away your happiness, when I got to know that he is no more with us!
Yet another time uncertainty strikes and reality appears in a way it never did before! There is no speculation about tomorrow and there is no way you can alter yesterday! How many times do we spend in thinking about the two, and forget about living today! How many times do we worry about what is not with us yet, than celebrate what we already have? Its just very very sad that something unfortunate lights up reality.
Rohan was a gem of a person, an artist and a dear friend! The only person who called me "Kavita" as his special pet name!! I don't even remember how I got baptized that way by him - may be because I loved his poems and used to read all of them every time he wrote something new! I always addressed him as a "Kavi"…