Tuesday, 23 May 2017

At the gym...

Gym changing rooms witness more funny moments than steamy scenes. This is true! I can say this with my own experience for over ten years at different gyms from different cities. So all those Photoshop-ed images that show big biceps and perfect cures, wearing sexy sportswear, staring into the mirrors, is really not true! Well, there is a lot of skin show, it is a changing room after all! But it is no where close to being steamy and sexy! At the most, it can be described as sweaty, smelly and extremely embarrassing at times. From free falls in the bathrooms, to wearing shoes without socks or worse crying every time the regular underwear itches while exercising, the list is endless. I agree these are not funny moments, but if you are an onlooker, they are really hilarious! (Still laughing!)

Okay, so coming to the point, it all boils down to poor packing of the gym bag. I know I know, I am selling the packing list as if my income depends on it! But it really is the root cause of all the crises at gym! Here is my list of gym bag essentials that has never failed me. It might help you to become an onlooker to these funny moments and be a life saver for the ones in trouble (Except for the underwear of course!)

My gym bag essentials -
  1. Dry fit t-shirt and track pants
  2. Sports bra and sweat absorbing under wear
  3. Socks 
  4. Gym shoes 
  5. Post work out jacket
  6. Napkin
  7. Gloves
  8. Water Bottle
  9. Hair band
  10. Deodorant
  11. Snack box (post workout meal, I usually have whey protein shake or a fruit)
  12. Laundry bag 
  13. Shoe bag
  14. Wet wipes
  15. Moisturizer
  16. Sun screen
  17. Face powder
  18. Lip balm
  19. Prickly heat powered 
  20. SOS medicines (I am a chronic asthmatic patient. Totally recommended for those who have chronic illness)
  21. Towel (Only when I am heading for the steam room)
  22. Shower slippers (Only when I am heading for the steam room)
p.s: The trick to not lose your valuables at the gym is, to not carry them to the gym! ;-)

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