Thursday, 14 July 2016

either... or...

"You either have results or reasons, it can never be both!"What followed after I heard this could be summarized like, 'my mind wandered at a different place and only this sentence kept repeating in front of my eyes'. It was as if one of my favorite songs was being played in a loop for hours together, yet I wanted to hear it just one more time! I got influenced with this logic so much so that I saw almost everything in either-or form, since that day! It was very assuring and gave a different perspective to my out look! To name a few examples - you are either pregnant or not, your cake is either baked or not, you are either fit or not, you either know the truth or not! Are you getting what I am trying to say? There can't be a little pregnant or a half baked or a semi-fit or a partial truth you can go on with! It doesn't do any good to anybody, because it doesn't exist! Do we consider a work in progress as a finished good and use it? Hell no! It doesn't exist in exactly that way!

But as humans we are gifted with making things complicated! We get comfortable with the "maybe" instead of identifying the "either-or", and then wonder why our mind feels burdened later. We will ignore what is clearly seen because what we hear does not correspond to it. It is easier to negotiate with oneself, even get convinced of the maybe. But to confront the truth, we have all the reasons to not do it, while all we really need is that one result, that is, to set us free!

But in the struggle of choice between comfort and freedom, looks like the former often wins the game! As this logic goes, your can either have comfort or freedom, it can really never be both! Alas, truth is not to comfort you, but to set you free! 

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