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Self Proclaimed Free Advisers

There exists a unique species of "Self-Proclaimed-Free-Advisers" in this world. You keep meeting different types of these species in different phases of your life! There are Education and Career SPFA, then there are Fitness SPFA, not to forget the Relationship SPFA and certainly Parenthood SPFA. These are the ones I have seen more often, I am sure there would be more. This service provided really has nothing to do with their abilities or success stories in the respective free advice topics!  But if you are born lucky (I certainly do not believe that there is such a thing!), only then you will not encounter such people! So chances are very high that you might have already met them! If not, you will meet them in the near future for sure!

After a lot of frustrations and annoyance regarding this species (Oh! Did I forget to mention that there is a huge element of "Judgments and Prejudices" when these people start talking?), I have found out a way to make it more produ…


"A picture is worth a thousand words!" - Napoleon Bonaparte! A beautiful phrase dated at least two centuries ago, describes a picture best even today! Back then, there were only artists who were responsible for capturing those special thousand words! The introduction of camera happened only in the 1800s. Using a camera was a rarity until the digital cameras came in the late 1900s. Even before the 'digi-cams' became popular, phones with built in cameras were introduced. And with the introduction of "Smart Phones", the entire concept of "Photography" has reached a point that requires an alteration.

Photography was once a skill mastered by only a few! They were glamorous highly paid artists pertaining to only a few fields like press or royal families coverage! These artists were only afforded by the rich class and in those times, owning a camera was a social prestige issue. Today its exactly the opposite. There is at least one self proclaimed photog…