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Foundations of a great relationship

Traveling together is not only a great space to "catch up" on sharing the latest updates, but also a place where you can have extremely interesting uninterrupted discussions! It so happened on a recent trip with my Uncle, where we began with realizing that it was our very first journey together in so many years. And then we really don't remember how we reached to one of the most memorable discussions on "foundations of great relationships".

Stating one's relationships are strong or good is an absolute vague statement in itself. And most of the times we come across people who are rather over confident in saying so. But I am unsure how many of them can actually say the same thing after going through the following questions to themselves! Sharing - It's a two way road. It doesn't take you anywhere in a relationship if sharing is not from both the persons on an equal wave length and seriousness. Only one way sharing cannot confirm that the relationship …