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Your Place!

I was surprised to see many people get surprised with the fact that I do not feel the frustrations of finding the things I need, just in time. Or even feel that the space I have is less than what I actually need. After seeing a lot of people struggle with the lack of space and frustrations regarding it, I deliberately extended my observations to understand why that happens! Because, honestly, I do not feel these things!

Our homes and offices are the two places where we spend most of our time. If we discount frequent travelers, many of us fall into the category where 85% or more of our time gets spent in these two places. A terrible frustrating impact is inevitable, if these places do not have what we really need. Or if they did, but don't have any order, it will surely be inconvenient for us to use them just in time and experience their benefits. In my opinion, the problem isn't in the lack of things we need, but, because of its excess. Neither it is in the lack of space but t…