Friday, 18 January 2013

Italian 3 course meal

Till now I have only shared single recipes which turned out to be good for me! And by all means I shall continue doing that till I stop cooking for pleasure. An idea struck me while making a proper theme meal on one weekend - Sharing interesting combinations of 3 to 4 course meals that I have tried out. As in, its a different thing to cook one dish at a time and enjoy it. And its a totally different thing when you combine 3 to 4 different dishes as a part of one menu. In spite of having made perfect dishes, if they don't go well with each other, it turns out to be a complete disastrous. I am a total get together person and so, it happens quite often for me to plan menus for the same. I am sure if you like planning thematic meals, this might help you in doing so. Voilà, my first Get Together Menu!! :-)

Since I followed all the recipes from Internet without any of my additions, I am sharing the links of the same.

Italian 3 course meal...

Baby Potato Salad

Classic Spaghetti Nepolitana

Mocha Tiramisu

Friday, 11 January 2013


My opinion on the reasons of celebration, confusions regarding what it is by and large perceived as and also to some extent agitation over justifications of "celebrations" suddenly seemed answered when I heard this experience! It became crystal clear to  me as to what is worth celebrating. Who are the people who should become a part of one's celebrations. And lastly, very sad feeling for the perception of it in our society that truly spoils the beauty of pure celebration!

"Since 4 months a teen aged boy used to come on this jogging track with his 3 companions. He was tied to a wheelchair due to a terrible mishap. But everyday he used to come for attempting to walk with the help of these 3 people. One of them used to support him from behind and the other two from each side. Once he was able to stand up, then all of them used to help him walk around 8 to 10 steps with partially carrying his weight. At the 10th step, he used to get so exhausted that he had to be helped to sit back into the wheelchair immediately. This entire exercise used to last for 30 minutes. Each and every member on the jogging track used to see him and feel extremely sorry about the poor kid's condition. But everyone without fail smiled and waved at him with utmost encouragement! 

This routine continued everyday without fail for almost 4 months till that day when the entire jogging track stood still for 20 minutes. This kid stood up like everyday with the help of his companions. After the first step, he walked the remaining 9 steps all by himself!! He was clapping for himself to get the rhythm and strength to walk up those steps. When he took the first step without help, there was a huge cheering by the people who were close by. And suddenly each and every member gathered around him within a few minutes! Everyone was clapping, shouting, cheering and in their hearts wholeheartedly celebrating this wonderfully special moment!"

I was numb till my bones for a very long time. My eyes went moist after this narration settled down in my mind. The real moment was there - at that time when he walked on his own between those people who saw him everyday practising it! It was that part where the entire track stood still just to encourage him and bless him for witnessing this special achievement! It was neither about the display, nor about any competitive performance. It was never about invitations nor about stereotypical parties. What had happened there was simple spontaneous celebration in its purest form!

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आज आसमान मुझे देख रहा है,  सितारें कुछ ज्यादा चमक रहे हैं,  मेरे अपने जो उनमें बसे  हैं! शायद वहां रहकर खुश है! पीछे रहना बड़...