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Limit extends to…

Conscious premeditation to conceal one’s fear can be a civilized definition for ‘Superstitions’. With the evolution, material or physical triggers of fear are almost obliterated. That leaves us predominantly with the psychological ones. And they are generated with a comprehensive knowledge of self actions. Nothing would explain this better than the Newton’s third law of motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Here, the action is the fear of confronting the opposite reaction!

As a further matter, the limit of a person indulging in superstitions is directly proportional to the fraud committed or to be committed in one’s life. In the first case it’s the awareness of the sin committed. Likewise, in the latter, it’s the fear of the outcome of the evil to be committed.

There are always exceptions to the rules mostly resulted out of poor upbringing or absence of common sense or neutral approach towards beliefs. Despite everything, these exceptional cases have to un…

A. R. Rahman [Extempore]

Extempore is a game which I often played in the inter-college competitions. You are given a topic and about a minute to prepare. And then you have another minute on stopwatch to talk on it. With my ability, I guess this was one of my favourites!

Oily hairs, dusky complexion, short and stout physique and an extraordinary timid nature seldom induce curiosity. With these facets attributed to self, he has made the impossible possible. Idol for millions of composers, superstar for the buffs, dignified adversary for other music directors and my God is none other than A. R. Rahman.

His ability to compose the unexpected sequences never ceases to amaze me. His tunes surpass the trend of ‘music for supporting lyrics’, and launch a milestone of creative symphony. One has to be a prodigy to make the words sound virtually indispensable to the tune and vice versa when you don’t even speak that language. That’s the beauty of inherent creativity.

One person to induce a sense of doing justice to the musi…


This series is my effort to pen down some brilliant thoughts overheard from Debates, Experiences and Informal Interviews. My take: “We aren’t aware that they are spot on true and omnipresent”.

It’s not about winning; it’s about playing the game till the end.

The easiest thing one can do in life is tell the ‘Truth’. And the most difficult thing is ‘Be Simple’.

Looks are either Natural or Bad.

If we happen to gather all the people who say what others want to hear, and aim to be famous; ‘10 chores sq.ft. of Dumping Grounds’ wouldn’t be enough for them.

Doing something with an intention of reciprocation is the height of idleness.

Reliability is one thing that is not proportional to money. It takes years together to achieve it, and a fraction of a second is enough to lose it forever.

Complication is nothing but the involvement of too many people.

Hope is synonymous to ‘losing ones confidence’. And Belief is giving up the ‘verify & trust’ approach.

How you fall is immaterial, if how you rise …

Independence, is it?

Attendance to a family get-together organised for the Grand Papas & Maas, accentuated a few facts which I overlooked for reasons unknown. Yes, I shall categorically call it an ‘Attendance’, because it was only abiding by my parents. Lack of communication with parents is contemporary or some who would brave to claim that the parents-children relationship is “healthy”. To give them the benefit of doubt, let’s say, it’s merely out of unawareness of the ‘Healthy Terms and Conditions’. Just having a rapport limited to an exchange of words cannot be termed as healthy, or for that matter, even a relationship.

Looking at all the middle aged relatives entertaining the older generation, it struck me that such smoothness in the bonds is rarely established within our generation. By the way it all went; it was crystal clear that the long years of ‘Healthy’ interactions with them was the only reason for the ease. It looked so simple yet complicated! And it occurred to me that talking over the ge…

Khandita: The Irony

Khandita is perceptibly one of my all time favourite characters. She is most commonly recollected as “the one ditched by her beloved”. One of the reasons for her to be on my top-notch is the fact that she bears a substantial extent of emotions at the same time. I am trying my hand at presenting her the way I see her. She is most likely to go astray from the authentic tale. I wish to call this improvised character as ‘Khandita: The Irony’.
Khandita was too serene to get carried away. He knew her sense of commitment and exploited it time and again to craft a long distance relationship. Out of sheer virtue, she never questioned that and he never revealed the reasons. He had the nerve to meet her with all the traces of his other relationship, and when asked to leave, he quit without any explanations.
It was an insult which she had to digest without any prejudices. After pondering over it, she stopped cursing her fate because it was her fault more than his. Loving someone doesn’t mean that o…

Candid Shots

It has been my natural tendency and inclination to participate in all the cultural festivals and competitions right from my school days. Few days back I had an opportunity to be a part of such an event courtesy my friend ‘A’. She was participating in a group dance competition in her college. I readily volunteered for her make-up and dressing up. For the first time I realised that my college days were over and this is the only way I can get to be a part of such events hence forth. She got me completely nostalgic! In any case, it’s not the final performance that is the source of pleasure, it’s the rehearsals, run-throughs and the back stage sprints that are euphoric!

There is a trifling variation either in the episodes or the chronology when it comes to the pre-presentation segment. More over it depends up on the nature of the presentation, the number of people in the contingent and the days to go for the final show. For the first two categories, it’s certainly more the merrier, as it ad…


The venomous snake broke his sleep,
The baby mongoose saw his eyes deep.
Horror struck, he froze from head to feet.

That moment was mysteriously gentle,
Indeed it was a lost battle.
And yes this state was blatantly subtle.

Certainly, it was not a reprisal of his deed.
One more frozen second and he was the feed.
Come what may he had to take the lead.

Running away would be in vain.
In a fraction of a second, he chose to refrain.
And he focussed on curbing his pain.

It was a fine leap.
He swallowed the sentient meat.
And with a tainted pride he went to sleep.

Suddenly the snake rolled and broke into two.
The baby mongoose cut him through.
It had to be a miracle to be true!

This spectacle was strangely larger than life!
As speechless as anyone to narrate this sight!
Undeniably it was Sanguinity Personified!