Parenthood is a sophisticated word for happiness, multitasking and believe it or not, chaos all at the same time in your life. I really don't think happiness and multitasking need any contextual explanations here. But chaos, well, the chaos in this case enhances your happiness, because a baby makes your world inherently happy. It teaches you to cherish little things as they happen, because they are going to change as the kid grows. And it makes the mess around you seem reasonable, because this is the only mess that won't harm you in anyway! You know you are experiencing Happy-mess when:
  1. You are leaving for work and your baby does potty in his pants. You ditch everything, pick him up and run to the bathroom when he starts kicking in air! (Its so much fun!) While joining him in his laughter and noises, you are deep down hoping the potty doesn't fall off on the way, or worse, on you! Somehow you manage to remove the underwear without increasing the mess it has already made. Flush the potty while holding on to your kid. Again joining your kid in telling you that "The potty is going! Bye bye potty!" Finally cleaning him up, putting another underwear and kissing him good bye for the day!
  2. The ironed clothes have to be put in the drawers before your kid finds them but he takes interest in the open drawers instead. He comes up to the open chest of drawers and starts picking up everything and throwing it out. You join him in identifying each and every item that is being thrown out. "What is this? This is a shirt, what is this? This is a sock..." Ting ting!! You get an idea and show him the hangers for distraction. Wow! He takes the bait. While he is engrossed in the hangers, you quickly put everything back in the drawers. Hush.. Oh no wait, all the hangers are on the floor along with everything that was hung on them! You start jumping with him and laugh while finding another distraction! 
  3. Its meal time and your baby wants to play hide and seek. Fantastic, you tell yourself that it is way better than hooking him up to the TV! Wait for it, your kid runs and goes to places where you can only manage to put your head! You join him in his loud peek-a-boo game and carry his feed in one hand, find a place near by to put it and get a spoon full for feeding, bend down and quickly feed your kid. Thank your stars for not letting this moment clash with your kids head, hands or even toys moving about in superlative vigor! Then you look at the feed bowl and realize its been barely a few morsels till now. Brilliant! You start jumping and running behind your kid with loud noises and dramatizing every bit of your moves!  
p.s. My kid is 19 months old, yet it feels like a lifetime of happy-mess for me!


prachi said…
hahahah.. awesome snigdha.. i actually saw myself doing all of that.. and am still laughing.. it takes a while to get used to the mess, and sometimes it actually gets on your nerves.. especially when i see a grin on prabha's face that tells me - "see i irritated u.. "

lovely write up.. keep going ..
Neelesh Naik said…
And... we are supposed to believe that Snigdha of all people in the world is that patient???
NOT biting :)
pranav dave said…
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pranav dave said…
Haha.., can totally relate to this.... love the happy-mess snigdha...
Snigdha Shevade said…
Prachi Tai!! Thanks so much!! I can see Naad getting into that phase soon! :-D

And Neelesh Bhaiya - if you can become a patient parent, everyone can! And you haven't yet, doesn't mean others can't! :-D Jokes apart, impatience was never my issue to begin with, it was always temper... For that check this out -

Snigdha Shevade said…
Pranav!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
anaya shah said…
Message=Happiness 😃😜
anaya shah said…
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Snigdha Shevade said…
Anaya.. You became a mother only a few months after me... You truly want to ask this question?


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