Sunday, 8 March 2015

Tiffin Ideas and Breakfast

Kids in school, you are racking your brains for the tiffin ideas, you narrow down a dish only to realize it was sent yesterday - seems like a real struggle daily, isn't it? This happens even when kids are not in the equation! The point is, whoever is running on a schedule is always worried about the breakfast. In kids cases, moms ensure something is packed, but the same moms ignore themselves and skip this important meal! Others just land up compromising the breakfast for millions of reasons while you just need one to have it - "Health is wealth", respect it!

If you are an Indian, it is actually an irony of our lives, because there is so much variety in our food. But when it comes to packing the tiffin boxes or making breakfast, we are left blank! In my opinion, the problem is not in the available options but the fact that we do not have them written in front of us while making the meal plans. (I know I am a compulsive list maker! :-D) It is very easy to plan your meals when there is a list available; say, on your fridge! When you see it daily, the cycle of checking the ingredients, purchasing the required ingredients and making it all works on a schedule. With this, the morning is really smooth, trust me!

I have given the list of items you can make, bringing in some variety on your table! Most of you may not need the detailed recipes as you may have had them so many times already! For others, they are readily available on net, or just leave me a message with your email and I will share the recipes we follow in our house hold!

Finger feeds -

  1. Aloo paratha
  2. Palak paratha
  3. Gajar paratha
  4. Paneer paratha
  5. Gobi mutter paratha
  6. Egg franky
  7. Veg franky
  8. Roti Gud laddo
  9. Dosa
  10. Uttapa
  11. Rawa Dosa
  12. Appe 
  13. Pan cakes
  14. Moong Dhokla
  15. Idali plain
  16. Mix veg Idali
  17. Aloo corn tikki
  18. Mix veg tikki 
  19. Omelet toast sandwich
  20. Cheese toast sandwich
  21. Veg sandwich
Spoon feeds -
  1. Poha
  2. Upama
  3. Daliya
  4. Sheera
  5. Sanja
  6. Phodani cha bhat/ Chitranna
  7. Phodani chi poli
  8. Egg pudding (Caramel Custard)
  9. Scrambled eggs
  10. Fruit custard
  11. Steamed corn
  12. Steamed peas
  13. Chick peas salad
  14. Cereals/ Muesli with milk
Dry feeds (Ideal for travels and advisable as side dishes for break fasts, NOT the breakfast) - 
  1. Pop corns
  2. Lahya
  3. Makane
  4. Cheeze cubes
  5. Almonds
  6. Dry figs
  7. Raisins
  8. Ragi/ Nachani biscuits
  9. Wheat biscuits
  10. Futane
If you run out of supplies (which is absolutely okay when you have to multi-task all the time) a fruit is always a savior! Fruits sellers are at every corner in India, so just pick up one on your way and you are set for the day! 

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