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Tiffin Ideas and Breakfast

Kids in school, you are racking your brains for the tiffin ideas, you narrow down a dish only to realize it was sent yesterday - seems like a real struggle daily, isn't it? This happens even when kids are not in the equation! The point is, whoever is running on a schedule is always worried about the breakfast. In kids cases, moms ensure something is packed, but the same moms ignore themselves and skip this important meal! Others just land up compromising the breakfast for millions of reasons while you just need one to have it - "Health is wealth", respect it!

If you are an Indian, it is actually an irony of our lives, because there is so much variety in our food. But when it comes to packing the tiffin boxes or making breakfast, we are left blank! In my opinion, the problem is not in the available options but the fact that we do not have them written in front of us while making the meal plans. (I know I am a compulsive list maker! :-D) It is very easy to plan your meals…