Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Life Saver in your Hospital Bag

As cliched as it may sound, your hospital bag packed well in time is a LIFE SAVER!! Having everything on the right time is more important than having everything ready. And only when you are ready, you will have everything just in time when you need it. I had my bags packed during my 7th month into pregnancy. Also I kept them in a corner where everyone could see but they never got in anyone's way. I went into labor two weeks prior to my due date and woke up everyone literally in the middle of the night. All my family had to do, is pick up the two bags, tuck me and bags in the car and drive! Now you know why I propagate making lists and plans and be ready well before time? To be ready which helped me, I am sharing the two lists that made my hospital bags. As for the right time - Best of all wishes for the new adventure! :-)

Mother’s Hospital Bag Check List

1.      Hospitals previous reports & file
2.      SOS medicine kit (if applicable)
3.      Sanitary Napkins – 2 packets
4.      Undergarments – min 4 sets
5.      Breast pads (disposable) – 2 packets
6.      Toiletries:-
a.      Soap & Shampoo
b.      Comb
c.       Hair bands
d.      Tooth brush
e.      Tooth paste
f.        Deo
g.      Talc 
h.      Lip balm & Body lotion
i.        Nail cutter & scissors
7.      Towel
8.      Napkins
9.      Slippers
10.  Mint
11.  Gowns/ long t-shirts (lose and comfy stuff)
12.  Detergent
13.  Breast pump
14.  Blanket (your daily using one)
15.  Tissue papers
16.  Disposable glasses + spoon + plate + tray
17.  Camera with sufficient memory and charger set
18.  Small bottle of Dettol
19.  Hand Sanitizer 
20.  One going home dress
21.  Jaket/ Stole or anything to keep warm

Baby’s Hospital Bag Check List

1.      Soft linen/ hosiery diapers – 2 dozen
2.      Safety nappy pins – 4 nos.
3.      Nappy sacks/ Plastic bags Small Size – 1 packets
4.      Wet wipes
5.      Soft linen spread sheets – 2 nos. each for bath [made from old sarees or dupattas]
6.      Soft linen sheets – min 15 nos.
7.      Baby tops (Vests) – 6 each
8.      Baby Dusting Powder & Puff
9.      Spoon & steel katori (4 each)
10.  Baby wraps 4
11.  Neck support pillow 1
12.  Disposable Diaper size ‘0' or 'NB'
13.  Quick dry sheets Small – 4 nos.
14.  Car seat
15.  A going home dress and cuddler

* Do not forget to keep your family informed about your Hospital and Doctor's numbers to call in case of such emergencies.

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