Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Worthless Anger

Have you ever experienced the feeling of the utmost urge to prove yourself? Since I have, it gives me this special ability to validate few facts that I get to hear all the time as heavy doses of advice. Honestly, its not their fault to begin with. Especially when someone like me, who has a long history of temper (... real bad temper) I just don't know how, I always get into situations where people throw judgements at you and then arguments begin regarding the same. I would like to state that such type of arguments are never nasty, at least with me. But the intensity of taking such judgements personally only affects me. After a long series of ruining my own jolly mood over these things, I am finally able to accept it as absolute petty stuff and move on. Here's how I could let go by really listening to the advices! :-)
  1. It is a complete waste of time, energy and PEACE OF MIND. It is like a wrestling game with a pig where you think you are fighting a genuine opponent. But after sometime you realize that you are full of dirt and the pig is utterly enjoying it!
  2. Judgements are called so because they have no resemblance to facts. If the people are already judging you before knowing you, what makes you think they would even bother to listen to the reality? 
  3. Your true worth is not in wining an argument off your worth, but in going beyond them and joining the laughing club around it. If there is no reality in what is said about you, just go with the flow of jokes. I know it is always easy said than done. But I have been there and done that. And the first time when I was able to join in the laughter, it just gave me a different level of understanding the superficiality of such people cracking jokes on someone else's worth. What's the bet, they themselves are worthless and use such defence mechanisms to camouflage it? To be honest, I feel deep pity for such people who can't be honest with themselves, let alone others.
Just like infinite number of ways one can live a life, infinite number of triggers ignite one's anger! Only those who have temper issues would understand this analogy! I do have a long long way to go before I can even say "my anger is in my control". But I have surely over come one of the main triggers! 

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