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Worthless Anger

Have you ever experienced the feeling of the utmost urge to prove yourself? Since I have, it gives me this special ability to validate few facts that I get to hear all the time as heavy doses of advice. Honestly, its not their fault to begin with. Especially when someone like me, who has a long history of temper (... real bad temper) I just don't know how, I always get into situations where people throw judgements at you and then arguments begin regarding the same. I would like to state that such type of arguments are never nasty, at least with me. But the intensity of taking such judgements personally only affects me. After a long series of ruining my own jolly mood over these things, I am finally able to accept it as absolute petty stuff and move on. Here's how I could let go by really listening to the advices! :-)It is a complete waste of time, energy and PEACE OF MIND. It is like a wrestling game with a pig where you think you are fighting a genuine opponent. But after so…