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Can Love and Chauvinism Coexist?

In a society where relationships are formed on everything else first and "Compatibility" and "Respecting life outside of each other" comes at the bottom of the list (Sometimes, even not on the list), leave very little scope for love! A typical Indian marriage expects the woman to leave everything behind and start her life afresh with her husband! What is more surprising, this theory applies to both Arranged as well as Love marriages in India! The only difference being, the couple knows each other before they marry. There is a huge difference between knowing someone as a person and knowing someone as a cohabitant! When you know someone as a person, it is only limited to the side you witness with interactions. So knowing the personality, preferences, habits and so on, are only limited to the perspective of those interactions. When you live with the same person, the entire outlook changes! The "knowing" of that person goes deeper and adds too many facets wh…