Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Burn out don't fade away

I always associate happiness with fitness! That feeling of being "Fit" is truly a demonstration of all the determination and hard work put in by you. Because, only "You" are responsible for your happiness. Every time I hear reasons by someone for not being able to allot time for fitness, I know I am looking at someone who is putting the body and mind in trouble or mostly, it's already in trouble! Very honestly, "I don't have time", is a grown up version of "the dog ate my homework"! So, for those of you who use this as the reason, I am hoping that you would change your perspective and try a bit harder to make that time! For the ones who are struggling with "what can I do for fitness?", please have look at the list below. And for the fitness freaks who are example setters because of their regularity, determination and results, please share with me your routines! I cannot wait to try your ways! :-)

Here's a list of things I do or have tried in the past and have found great! It's a good trick to keep changing your exercise regimes as well. Your body gets to break its monotony and your mind gets an added excitement!




Swimming - Breast Stroke I am swimming this stroke for over 10 years now.
Badminton :-D Not really to this extent. Enjoy the video, its incredible!
Table Tennis :-D I am a very basic TT player. Another brilliant video!


Lately my work outs are more over at the Gym. Below are a few exercises focused on training specific areas for advance strength.

Upper Body
Basic arms workout
Chest, Biceps and Triceps tone
Side Waist
Side Abdominal
Lower abdominal
Waist and Legs
Lower Abdomin and Thighs
Pelvis Bridge
Love Handles

Lower Body
Full body move
Legs tone
Single Leg Squat
Bulgarian Squat
Split Squat with Side Kick
Inner Thighs
Outer Thighs
Hips & Thighs
Glutes and Legs
Glutes and hamstrings
Quadriceps and knees

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