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Lunch time

A recent visit to a Customer located in an IT park made my day! The office buildings, their landscaping and the overall aura of “world class” set up was nothing less than impressive,  but it’s a part of another story! What left a mark on my mind for a very long time was the ‘lunch time’! We went to a local road siderestaurant that served Biryani! The food was delicious, but again, that’s another story!

My Uncle and I had to wait for 30 odd minutes to get a shared table! While waiting I couldn’t help but notice the group of people waiting as well as the lucky ones who got the tables. It was a crowded and a chirpy place with an equal number of men and women! In my almost 12 years of working life, this was the only first hand experience where I saw men and women in equal numbers.

On our way back, without even knowing it, we started discussing this observation as if it was a scheduled agenda! Looks like my uncle and I have a strong a telepathy! His working life of over 30 years had the s…