Friday, 22 April 2016

Really Good but Socially Bad Wife

Married working women are perpetual targets for a poor evaluation as wives! I have been told that it existed much more than ten years before I started working. Given the conditions around me, I am convinced it will remain the same for at least next ten years from the same time. Sad but true!

It always amazes me, what is the big deal about women cooking and taking the so called care of their husbands? If that man is big enough to get  married, can he not rustle up a meal and take care of himself? I mean, if the man is incapable of demonstrating these basic survival skills at the time of his marriage, how is it the woman yet to be married to him, responsible for it? And if that is okay for the groom, is the expectation to fulfill these skills from the bride fair?

When I hear someone ask working women the question if they can cook, I instinctively respond with the same question to the men in their lives. This response often beats the entire intention of ridiculing working women and tagging them. But what surprises me more is the strikingly increasing number of young generation women taking undue advantage of this argument. The answer to men not doing it, isn't following that trend. On the contrary, it lies in the upbringing of boys in our society before they become grown up men! I feel betrayed at the way our society chooses to make the same mistake with girls now. It is by all means a blunder, as it costs working women their character! We all know that people attack personally when they are left with no real argument against working women! The ones who have been at the receiving end of such attacks know how toxic people can become!

Working women build their relationships on - both go to work, both pay bills and both do home chores! Don't be surprised to know that their partners don't have to be enrolled into this. I am sorry to break it to you, but they love it big time, as they are the biggest beneficiaries of this foundation. Working women have life outside of marriage. They experience work satisfaction and hence respect your work exactly in the way you want it to be respected. They know how much effort it takes to have your salary credited every month and are more likely to be low maintenance. They have to strike the balance between work and family life and will never complain about your time constraints.

Think twice before asking a working woman if she can cook and take care of her husband. She can cook and make proper arrangements to ensure she is fighting fit to endure a very demanding life! She can take care of her team at work, her team at home and her family emotionally as well as financially. Taking care of her husband sounds like a cake walk after this, doesn't it? 

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