7 extremely useful baby products mothers can use

I was a fan of baby products way before I became a mother. The love for them continues even after I became a mother.  Here are the 7 baby products I use and totally recommend!

Wet wipes - Nothing wipes off the makeup as gently and safely as a baby wet wipe!  Baby oil - I use it to clean my ears, cracked legs (I have a terrible dry skin) and sometimes even face!  Baby nail cutter - It is super convenient with a strong holder and perfect for those tiny cuticles! The little magnifying glass comes handy for checking the corners after cleaning!  Baby ear buds - I agree that ears are self cleaning and you should never put an ear bud in them and all that. But sometimes the ears itch so much so that I am tempted to tear it apart. Baby ear buds are life savers during those moments! It DOES NOT push wax inside! It can easily remove it instead because its tip is really small! And the damn itch can be calmed down with ultimate satisfaction!  Baby shampoo - Excellent cleaning agent for combs, make up…


While growing up, I have always been exact opposite of socially accepted* levels in school, college, career, and in every other choice I have made. It was so against the acceptance levels, that I fought body image issues through out my school and teenage. I was trapped in the vicious cycle of self doubt till the mid twenties. And I think I surprised myself, let alone others, with my ability for lacking confidence till the early thirties! That does not mean, now I am a super confident person! But those who have confidence issues, will know, from lacking confidence to knowing that you lack confidence, itself is a great progress! 
It isn't difficult to guess how hard self-acceptance is, for a person who's always tried to fit in and then disappointed oneself over and over again. It becomes a cake walk when you stop trying to fit in! And here's what I have learnt the hard way, the difficult part isn't actually the action to stop trying to fit in, but in making that decisio…

At the gym...

Gym changing rooms witness more funny moments than steamy scenes. This is true! I can say this with my own experience for over ten years at different gyms from different cities. So all those Photoshop-ed images that show big biceps and perfect cures, wearing sexy sportswear, staring into the mirrors, is really not true! Well, there is a lot of skin show, it is a changing room after all! But it is no where close to being steamy and sexy! At the most, it can be described as sweaty, smelly and extremely embarrassing at times. From free falls in the bathrooms, to wearing shoes without socks or worse crying every time the regular underwear itches while exercising, the list is endless. I agree these are not funny moments, but if you are an onlooker, they are really hilarious! (Still laughing!)

Okay, so coming to the point, it all boils down to poor packing of the gym bag. I know I know, I am selling the packing list as if my income depends on it! But it really is the root cause of all the …

"I am 10 years old" says My Blog

I marked 10 years of writing on this blog today! On this very day, I had gathered up enough courage to publish my first post! It did require courage because I was uncertain about how long I would continue to write! And absolutely certain that I shall run out of ideas to begin writing blog posts! It turns out, these apprehensions were in my head and without even knowing it, I proved them wrong! Ten years went by in a jiffy with me penning down posts after posts that gave me immense delight!

An experiment to explore writing as a form of expressions, has been more fulfilling than I had expected. I used to write very randomly before this blog was created. The notebooks in which I wrote were my only source of confidence to create this blog - a place where anyone from anywhere in the world can read. I have had readers who never knew me sending me mails and commenting on blog posts! This has been nothing less than overwhelming for me! It is an emotional attachment which is more than time te…

Final Destination

You are the only final destination That sets each one free, Free from sorrow and sin   Conclusion of peril and pain!
For you are the only certain thing in the end.
You give meaning to our existance Teach us to fully live our lives Give us next chances when we fail Reveal life when someone meets death.
For you are the only certain thing in the end.
People fear you, I know not why Some want to escape you
Because they don't want to die.
But fearing and running away is all in vain.

For you are the only certain thing in the end.

I know the truth that my loved ones
Will walk away with you one day!
I won't hate you for that and
Hope you will take them to a better place!

For you are the only certain thing in the end.

I want to discover how to love you!
As it isn't when we meet that matters,
What matters is how I reach you!
And when we do, I shall welcome you like an old friend

For you are the only certain thing in the end.

Chocolate Chips Muffins (Whole wheat based)

Chocolate indulgence is one of the best stress busters for many. Those of you who live off chocolates really don't need any further explanation. This one is specifically dedicated to the chocolate addicts.

This recipe is borrowed from this site but modified by me for matching my family's dietary restrictions and taste buds.

Makes - 6 nos.

All you need -

1 egg60 ml buttermilk60 ml vegetable oil30 ml room temperature coco (made from 30 ml water and 1/2 tea spoon of coco powder)1/2 tea spoon vanilla extract113 gms wheat flour12.5 gms unsweetened coco powder102.5 gms light brown sugar1/4 tea spoon baking powder1/2 tea spoon baking sodapinch of salt100 gms chocolate chips How to make - Pre-heat oven to 190 degrees C (or 375 degrees F). Place the oven rack in the center of the oven. Line 6 muffin cups with paper liners. In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, buttermilk, oil, room temperature coco and vanilla extract.In another large bowl whisk together the flour, coco powder, brow…

Lost and found

It is difficult to see yourself in the mirror when you are trying an outfit with a size "X". It is next to impossible to step on the weighing scale when it is placed below the printout displaying ideal height-weight chart. Even though it lasts for a second, the pain goes to your heart when the lab assistant pricks you to get that blood sample for checking your "levels" asked by your doctor. And I can't even quantify the frustrations one goes through when every other person is up for an advice like a doctor while you are on some treatments to fix things in your body.

I know this is real because I have gone through this transition myself! It took me too long to get over the size on the label and rejecting an outfit to looking in the mirror and selecting something that flatters my body! I have spent many years keeping the weighing scale in my bathroom and check my weight daily to shifting it to the luggage cabinet only to check the weight of the luggage when some…