Monday, 20 April 2015

Admiration forever

You don't need to experience attention, approval and admiration in a particular order to know the difference. When you do, you will mock attention, find approval unnecessary and be among those who admire you. 

And eventually reach a place where you will carry with you the admirable qualities of people, give up the conditions applied relationships, and finally, attention seeking tactics will no longer work on you! 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Life City

There is no such phrase as "Life City" so there is no reason why an opposite of, say "Lifeless City" should exist! But, I have come to believe that given a deeper thought, there might exist such phrases. In colloquial English language, they are already called as 'Small Cities' and 'Metro Cities'. In much sophisticated words, they are also addressed as  'B' Tier Cities and 'A' Tier Cities in India. If we go into describing them briefly, the so called 'B' Tier cities have relatively slow lifestyles, distances can be covered on an average within 20 minutes from any point, and most importantly, people have time to indulge in a lot of interests after work. If we compare 'A' Tier cities on these points, obviously the life is super fast (read insufferable delays), average distances are 40 minutes from any point and people are half dead by the time they finish their daily work.

I have had the privilege of experiencing a life in both these types of cities. The privilege extends to the depth of learning with my own experience that, "there is nothing glorious about night life, busy extended working hours and time consuming travels"! In retrospect, those were my precise childish reasons for moving into a Metro city - "I want to live a fast life! There is nothing a small city can offer! People are not free-minded in smaller cities and constantly judge someone who chooses unconventional ways of living!" There were many more reasons that I listed not even worthy of mentioning, to convince my parents for letting me move out. May be they knew, someday I will really understand this myself and return to my roots, and supported me. Till my last day, I will forever be grateful for that moment which was one of those turning points that taught me "We land up, where we really intended to be after all!"

Living in Metro cities for around 5 years taught me once and for all, that people will judge you no matter what; You don't need others to be free-minded for finding freedom within yourself, also, people from bigger cities are not bothered about who lives next door (that does not mean they are free-minded!); Your fitness and interests are as important as your work and they need their due time which the small cities actually offer; Lastly, the fast life style offers nothing but frustration at the end of the day! So, they were pathetic reasons to actually move out of a wonderful small city setup! You may be earning big packages in bigger cities, but the cost of living there exhausts every bit of that extra money, or may be even more, you might earn over a smaller city's standard package. Savings is something like a dreamland in bigger cities - it requires so much efforts and control, while in smaller cities, you land up saving much more with better ease, it's just pure city dynamics. You don't run behind trains or buses or get stuck up in traffic to add to your already delays and frustrations. You don't have to compromise on your fitness regimes and settle with processed foods or untrustworthy canteens. In short, you live like a machine if you want to be a part of the incessant race bigger cities inherently demonstrate. Again, its pure city dynamics - no life, only work - the word "Lifeless" suits even better than Machined life! I have also shared my rather strong views on this topic earlier here.

I am glad I returned to my small city, where I really live a life. Although, unconventional for many, it gives me the time and space for everything that makes me truly happy! People here, wake up early in the morning not because they have to start early to be on time for work, but because they have had a good night's sleep. There are sounds of birds chirping and not cars honking in desperation. There are also big malls to entertain oneself, yet, you find more visitors to the local libraries, theaters, concerts, etc. to enjoy. There are jogging tracks, sports grounds and fitness centers where people enroll in bigger number rather than just walk on the weekends (As there is very little time through weekdays in bigger cities). It is one of the most pleasant sights to see children playing in beautiful parks rather than gaming zones; See, touch and learn with real trees, plants, birds, etc. rather than only in books; Pet an animal in your homes rather than just see them on TV shows. People have time for each other at leisure and not based on appointments and stop watches. This available time also gives them the choice for indulging in what makes them happy which is but a luxury in Metros.

I do not wish to criticize Metros here, but just analyze them with a holistic point of view. Of course, they do have their own exposure, glamour and opportunities. They make you realize where you stand in competition at a much grand level. They also taught me how to live all by myself as against the protection shell I had at my parents'.  But the lifestyle you compromise for all this is not what I would personally want to give up.  All those things could be made available to me without having to live in those cities all the time. Besides, I may have never understood the importance of "Healthy Living" the way I do now! By all means I term my Metro stays as "Golden Period" in my 20s, one of my most learning, growing and turning point period. For all this and many more reasons, I am truly thankful for these metros for letting me find my way back to the place where I truly belong! 

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