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Baby on Board

Traveling with a kid and worried about how to pack up everything? No worries! Okay, honestly, worry a little, because there is a good news and a bad news! Lets get done with the bad news first. There is a lot, literally lot of packing to do. And here is the real bad news, if you forget even a single thing, it will leave you with quite a few panic stricken moments! Now the good news! I have a check list of things to ensure you pack everything! Rest assured it has everything as I travel almost every month with my child. He stays put weekend-to-weekend at his grand parents' place and I continue my work travel plans during the weekdays in between. I have been doing this since my kid was one month old. So trust me when I say I have everything on this list, I do have everything on the list.

Last minute packing (Say about 30 mins before you start the journey)

Feed for the journey Feed after the journey (I am always prepared with an extra feed, just in case the journey gets prolonged)Regul…