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Powerful Generation Powerless

Generations bring along changes in the lifestyles, beliefs, values and anything that goes with society. In spite of this constant change, it is surprising to see some traditions remaining unchanged. I accept that traditions are an integral part of a society, or to be precise, they are the concepts by the people at a point in time to bring peace and order in their community. Which by the way, are most of the times devoid of any laws and scientific logics.
To talk of just one aspect, in this post, I would limit the views to Marriages only. And to avoid the disparity between the social orbits, I would further limit it to the educated class only. My questions begin right from the way marriages take place these days. Against the elaborations, I shall raise my questions to the generation I belong to...
The financial responsibility and dowry over the Bride's family. Yes, it is surprising but it still persists in today's marriages. This tradition has its roots from the time when gender…