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A long wait

So this is one of my point of views on that city where big dreams are realized. Or so it is believed! Yes I am talking about "Mumbai". "Waiting" is an integral part of each and every thing here. You got to wait because you are stuck up in perennial queues everywhere! Even those precious dreams for which you chose to be in this city have a long wait before you actually see them occur. And mean while your life just drags itself so badly that it makes you feel it was all worthless! 
Of course, for those who feel I am absolutely mistaken, I am just kidding! The rest who have visited Mumbai know that I am not! Out of the rest, who haven't visited Mumbai yet, are simply blessed. My suggestion, in case you happen to visit this city, taking a perspective of "I am so lucky I don't have to come here again and again" will surely help you put up with what you experience here! 
From where I see it, people living in this place are always in some kind of hurry …