Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kindness and Compassion

This is one of the Short Stories my Grandfather used to often tell us. For some odd reason, I had forgotten about it. At a recent family get together when we missed his presence, every little memory of him came back to all of us. This is one of the many wonderful memories of him! 

Once upon a time, in a small village a saint shot to fame across the region for his beautiful white horse. The special thing about this horse was that he used to follow each and every instruction given - but only by the saint! It was too good to be true, so people from far distances started visiting him to see this wonder with their own eyes.

In no time, exciting narrations of the obedient horse reached the king of that region and out of curiosity he paid a visit to this saint's abode. The king fell in love at the very first sight. A selfish desire made him want the horse as his own possession. Expressing his desire of owning the horse, king offered the saint any price he wished for the same.

Taken aback with this offer, the saint very politely refused saying that the horse was not for sale as he used his ability to serve the needy in his region, and so he is better off being on the fields than in palaces! The king, unable to take "No" for an answer strode away immediately in utmost fury. Just before leaving, he swore to the Saint that before the next day ends, the horse shall be in his palace!

It was a sleepless night for the saint as he couldn't understand how his intentions could have been misunderstood! He had noble desire to help the needy and serve his country men. And how it had turned out to be a nightmare for him by offending the King! Unable to close his eyes due to sun rays passing through the window he realized that the night went out without a minutes rest.

As he walked on the banks of the river by his abode, the saint saw a very weak man who was crying for help. In no time the saint carried this man to his home and gave him supper. After the sick man could gather up enough energy to speak, he asked for help in reaching a doctor in a near by village. The saint called his horse and instructed  him to go where ever this man says. Then he helped him to sit on the horse properly. Being happy with his deed right in the morning, the saint smiled one last time to his horse and said good bye!

As soon as the horse started trotting, the sick man threw away his disguise and looked back at the Saint. With a glorious laughter the King said to him that the horse is going to the palace finally! And that he defeated him well before the next day ended! But the King could not understand why the Saint was still calm.   The only thing he said was "It was never a race between us. You were running it alone. I just ask for one request. Please don't tell anyone how you brought this horse in your palace. Because if you do, no one will then believe in Kindness and Compassion!"

- The End - 

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