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Beginning in the End

Preparation time is something we all know as a term. We see it around us in every form. Even a school going kid is well versed with it. To give that one hour examination, a student spends at least a few weeks studying for the subjects every day. Dancers spend hours on rehearsals for that one show. Athletes spend a year long training sessions for that one competition. And the list of how much preparation influences the final performance is endless.

But do we really use this in our daily lives? The chances of a negative response is higher because many of us may not have even thought about it. Don't worry, when it comes to our daily lives, we do preps without even knowing that we are doing it. That is good and bad at the same time. Good because we are preparing, yet bad, because there may not be any structure to it making us lose time. The idea behind having a structure is exactly what we learnt while preparing for school exams. If you want to pass or achieve good grades, you have t…


Self-sufficiency is defined as "needing no outside help in satisfying one's basic needs". Basic needs, as in very basic needs of humans - food, water, shelter and clothing. Now with the modern context it is also extended to sanitation, education and healthcare. And yet, we find more and more educated people not understanding this term!

Understanding or rather misunderstanding is seen because, the implied meaning of self-sufficiency changes with the gender. It is considered inferior when it is a boy and an ambition when it is a girl! Surprisingly, both are ridiculed for entirely different reasons when they are just self sufficient!

A lot would change if self-sufficiency is taught as a basic hygiene factor for a balanced life without gender bias! A self-sufficient person is more sorted than someone who lives off or shows off someone else's earned money! You learn to appreciate self-sustained lives instead of judging, because you know what it takes to get what you have.…