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Those were the best days of my life...

Time - post dinner, Menu - maggi, chocolates, left over food from dinner and soft drinks, place - a room sufficient for 2-3 people to sleep comfortably (necessarily at someone's 'home'), no. of invitees - around 8-10 of them, discussion topics - exam screw ups, each others crushes, games scores of matches played over the past week and so on, reason - not certain!
Those were the best days in high school!
Time - post mid night, Menu - small eats, non-veg starters, place - a room sufficient for 2-3 people to sleep comfortably but preferably when rest of the family is away (again necessarily at someone's 'home') no. of invitees - around 8-10 of them, discussion topics - lecture attendance screw ups or delayed submissions, each others relationships, games scores of matches followed over the past week and so on, reason - again not certain!

Those were the best days in college!
Time - pre dinner time, Menu - any lavish menu a la carte, place - a famous hotel or may be some…


It is really unbelievable how people cannot see what is dead evident! So is the guts of few to blame things on some so called "Supernatural Power"! I really am unable to analyse the minds of people who take decisions based on the future readings. All the questions below are still searching for answers!

Do people get lost in their merry own worlds to such an extent that they stop asking questions to verify facts? Or is it mere distortion of facts to evade reality? Why is the fear of facing reality so great that it overpowers the feeling of knowing the truth???

When something goes wrong how is it every time someone else responsible? Ever wondered of going wrong ourselves somewhere? What might be the chances of we making the wrong decisions, interpreting things incorrectly and doing exactly opposite of something to be done at a particular time? Even though it is easier to correct things in our scope why is it always believed that someone else is writing things already and so not…

Old is Gold!

I can listen and watch these songs for hours together... My opinion of "Old is Gold" gets stronger with every time I come across something as original as this!!! :-)

All those who think technology makes human skills redundant should try singing these compositions in one shot and then repeat their statement! You have to be a genius for being a part of this! Being an ardent lover of music and die hard fan of Kishore Kumar, I take it as my responsibility to keep these songs alive!! :-)
p.s: Also the videos can give today's film makers a run for their money! :-)

To, My Dear Sworn Sister...

In China they have a term called as sworn sister/brother. The explanation goes this way - two people toast to their friendship forever. Just before that, they put a drop of their blood in the others glass and take a sip. This implies - "Even though we are not born to the same parents, we swear to be brothers/ sisters until death parts us. As a token of this oath, we drink each others blood."

Wu Shuang, my dear friend from China told me about this custom first and then called me her sworn sister. I ran out of words to reciprocate her love and affection for me! I miss you my dear Shuang Shuang!!! :-( This post is dedicated to you for everything you gave me and for making my stay at China so memorable! :-)

Sniggi :-)

p.s: Shuang Shuang is her pet name by me, and Sniggi is my pet name by her!

Ecological Literature and Environmental Education: Asian Forum for Cross-Cultural Dialogues (China 13 - 27 August 2009)

It is a fact that one’s life gets molded according to the situations she has been through. There is no telling what a circumstance might morph into; situations change faster than we can imagine. But in this breakneck pace of life, the only thing that lasts forever is the impression some situations have on us. For me the Asian forum at China this year has been an experience of a lifetime. My state after the event could be briefly summarized as a combination of being happy and awestruck having gained a wealth of knowledge and feeling a sense of fulfillment, but also feeling sad at the closure of the event having to leave everyone.The first city we visited in China was Beijing. The days we were at the PekingUniversity gave us a glimpseof the students’ lifestyle there. It was more or less similar to the Indian counterpart. There is something about all universities which make them a small self sustained township-like settlement. You are all alone away from home yet all around you are peopl…


"Dream is not what you see when you sleep…It’s the thing which does not let you sleep” - Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

p.s: I constantly need something to do to stretch my limits! I love working to my capacity than necessity, which often gets me into trouble. But the high that comes with such situations is worth all the pain! ;-) :-D

I tend to sleep less for various reasons. And I get yelled at big time because of that. Look at the brighter side of "not sleeping"!!! :-)

Pleasant unpleasantness...

Ever wondered why one feels inexplicably closer after patching up with an estranged person? May be because we realise the true value of that person when he was away, or feel the split was just not worth it, or even for that matter just accept that it was plain ego games. When we think about how successful relationships evolve, for some odd reason, judging criterion have quantified arguments, disagreements, compromises, so on and so forth for evaluation. It seems for a simple reason - less of clashes better the relationship and more the pleasant experiences you are heading towards the best state.

I feel these criterion are too superficial to be judging barometers for relationships. In fact I strongly believe that when there are 2 individuals in a relationship, clashes or unpleasant experiences are bound to happen! The true worth of a relationship is in the survival of the two people during crises. They say, if one sails through the storms successfully, he has definitely lived a better l…

Time Speaks

I live for change,
I change all lives;
With a breakneck pace
Still slow for my toil.

Yesterday - today's past,
Tomorrow - today's future;
I make the past,
I define the future.

By gone is by gone,
Only ahead I see;
To amend coming tomorrows,
Than what it could be.

I aide all those,
Who want me more;
For my voice is dreams,
To lead future doors.

I never keep waiting,
Neither do I hide;
I just ask for
A genuine invite.

Seek within yourselves,
And you shall find;
That I am always there,
Standing by your side.

Have determination,
To achieve your dreams;
Determination is nothing,
But my heart that beats.

So dream your future,
Learn from the past;
Live in present,
And your life shall be a blast!!!