Friday, 24 June 2016


Destiny of the word "Destiny" is very unfortunate. It is always destiny's fault when things go wrong. It was already written and hence life went out of control. If something has to happen, it will happen no matter what. Poor Destiny, always becomes the scapegoat.

In Destiny's defense, I'd like to specify that we can only fool others by blaming it on destiny. You can even try to run away from the consequences of your wrong choices. But the truth is, one often meets his or her destiny on the path taken to avoid it. For we shape our destiny during the time we make our decisions. The consequences of our choices are the elements of our own destiny. If something goes wrong, it's not the destiny but the moment when the unworthy choice was made. If it was already written, it was written at the same time you made that wrong decision.

There's a saying in Hindi "नसीब गांडू तो क्या करेगा पांडू? (Naseeb gandu to kya karega Pandu?)" Roughly translated in English it means "You are doomed, if your destiny is screwed up." I'd really like to alter it to "अगर पांडू है गांडू तो क्या करेगा नसीब? (Agar Pandu hai gandu to kya karega Naseeb?)" which means, "If you screw up your life, your destiny is doomed!" (Lost in translation! Both the statements are intended to be extremely humorous!)

Personally, I'd like to live a life of "I am responsible" than "you (destiny) are responsible!"

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