Friday, 19 July 2013

Agony Tummy!

"I want something to eat.
Have this... It is very tasty!!!
I don't feel like eating it...
Its been over 2 hours, have you had your mid meal?
Yes, but there is something wrong with my stomach! 
Do you want to drink something?
Do you want to eat something?
Let's make something fresh for a quick snack!

This is kind of a trailer of how my conversations regarding food have been since the past week! There is so much of rummaging happening in my stomach these days! And believe me, it takes immense energy to keep a simple smile on your face with this condition! 

The only thing that has worked on me under such times is to get some work and it just switches off the effects for that time!! Ahh haa! What a feeling is that!! Of course, it only applies when you love what you do! :-) 

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