Monday, 23 July 2007

A. R. Rahman [Extempore]

Extempore is a game which I often played in the inter-college competitions. You are given a topic and about a minute to prepare. And then you have another minute on stopwatch to talk on it. With my ability, I guess this was one of my favourites!

Oily hairs, dusky complexion, short and stout physique and an extraordinary timid nature seldom induce curiosity. With these facets attributed to self, he has made the impossible possible. Idol for millions of composers, superstar for the buffs, dignified adversary for other music directors and my God is none other than A. R. Rahman.

His ability to compose the unexpected sequences never ceases to amaze me. His tunes surpass the trend of ‘music for supporting lyrics’, and launch a milestone of creative symphony. One has to be a prodigy to make the words sound virtually indispensable to the tune and vice versa when you don’t even speak that language. That’s the beauty of inherent creativity.

One person to induce a sense of doing justice to the music in the team and make it his style is not a child’s play. The only explanation to his unassuming demeanour could be his love is his profession. And he is beyond the money and fame this industry has to offer. One of his kinds for not running behind glamour and recognition and yet becoming synonymous to it, he is firm footed on the grounds in a world of Know-it-alls!!! Beep… [The stopwatch buzzer!!!!]

मेरे अपने

आज आसमान मुझे देख रहा है,  सितारें कुछ ज्यादा चमक रहे हैं,  मेरे अपने जो उनमें बसे  हैं! शायद वहां रहकर खुश है! पीछे रहना बड़...