Thursday, 29 June 2017

7 extremely useful baby products mothers can use

I was a fan of baby products way before I became a mother. The love for them continues even after I became a mother.  Here are the 7 baby products I use and totally recommend!

  1. Wet wipes - Nothing wipes off the makeup as gently and safely as a baby wet wipe! 
  2. Baby oil - I use it to clean my ears, cracked legs (I have a terrible dry skin) and sometimes even face! 
  3. Baby nail cutter - It is super convenient with a strong holder and perfect for those tiny cuticles! The little magnifying glass comes handy for checking the corners after cleaning! 
  4. Baby ear buds - I agree that ears are self cleaning and you should never put an ear bud in them and all that. But sometimes the ears itch so much so that I am tempted to tear it apart. Baby ear buds are life savers during those moments! It DOES NOT push wax inside! It can easily remove it instead because its tip is really small! And the damn itch can be calmed down with ultimate satisfaction! 
  5. Baby shampoo - Excellent cleaning agent for combs, make up brushes, make up sponges and of course manicure wash. 
  6. Diaper rash cream - Women who use sanitary napkins with wings sometimes get sever rashes! Using diaper rash cream just the way we use it for the babies not only cures it but even prevents it! 
  7. Baby tooth brush - Perfect sized toothbrush for applying lip scrub, black heads scrub and removing that excess liquid from your mascara. 
Have you used any of these products? If yes, do you use it for something else? Also, do you use any other baby products apart from these? If yes, please share them with me. I would love to try them! 

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