Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Pre-Get Away!

The thought of a get away in itself is so relaxing! It doesn't really matter if it's long or short, I am already on a vacation at least 3 days prior to my travel emotionally (who isn't?) and also for preparing to get set go (which I rarely see others doing.) And when there's no preparation, there's so much pressure at the last moment which affects the quality of one's vacation. Hurry actually ensures you forget something even if little, later turning out to be a huge problem during your vacation. If that's not the case, then disastrous at your home while you are enjoying your vacation. Either which way, it lands you in trouble. And believe it or not, the pleasure of our journeys are determined more by the mindset with which we travel than the destination. So to rid yourself of half done things, it is a good idea to have a preparation countdown too!

Here's what I do before I leave. Good News! It's just 5 tasks each day with a last 30 minutes of run through. Hope this gives you the right state of mind before, during and after your vacation! -

Count down 3 days. Check (Just in case you need to step out and buy) -
  1. Clothes sets for miss matches or additions
  2. Medicines kit (Expiry dates of existing contents and status of SOS medicines)
  3. Toilet kit (Shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush, deodorant, sun screen, moisturizer, etc.)
  4. List of things to buy and people you intend to buy for (If shopping is on your mind. Save yourself the pain of spending on things you already have)
  5. Gifts for visiting members (optional)
Count down 2 days. Arrangements for -
  1. Care taking of your pet (if you have one)
  2. Care taking of your garden (if you have one)
  3. Handing over home keys to your friends/ neighbors in case of emergency
  4. Intimation of receiving mails to neighbors
  5. Intimation to daily supplies like milk/ papers/ etc.
Count down 1 day. Final preps.
  1. Out of office intimation with alternate contact 
  2. Print outs or photos of your travel and lodging documents
  3. Set of travel documents (Passport/ ID profs/ Currency/ etc.)
  4. Charging camera batteries and checking for adequate memory
  5. Booking your cab or transport up to the means of travel (air, train, bus). If going by your own vehicle fill up the fuel tank
Count down 30 mins. Run Through -
  1. Dispose the garbage
  2. Lock all doors
  3. Switch off lights, taps, gas supply and all other electronic gadgets at home
  4. Cover furniture to protect from dust (if traveling for a long time)
  5. Lock your bags 
And get set go!! Happy Journey!! :-)

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