Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fitness begins with being happy with "Me"

The significance and place for Fitness has been in my routine ever since I remember my childhood days. What is funny though, is the way I learnt its importance - As a defense mechanism. I am a chronic asthmatic patient which was detected at the age of 9-10 years or may be even before that. As a toddler and pre-adolescent, I was plump-ish in shape in spite of having sports in my routine which affected my confidence in a very adverse way. Funnily enough, being committed to sports wasn't difficult for me even at that age. What I struggled till I reached mid 20s was the comparisons!

From the teens I have always been quite lean! Unfortunately by then I had associated so much anger to the comparisons that my fitness failed to show its great effects in my spirits! I had lost all the confidence long time back, so I could never recognize that I am enough fit that it looks very good to be in my own skin! Today at 30, I can clearly identify how my perspective, training regimes and its benefits have evolved over these years!

If I can turn back time, I'd tell myself these things and correct what went wrong in my approach towards fitness.

  1. Fitness is a means of self discovery. Any other reason to resort to it is going to affect its results.
  2. Stop taking your anger out on work outs, it is a by product, not a motive to exercise.
  3. Being happy in your own skin will elevate the quality of fitness to a level you can't even imagine! 
  4. No one is perfect! The imperfections in your body actually add to your beauty as it is natural!
  5. Slow results are actually long lasting results. Never settle for short term gains! 

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