Monday, 5 March 2007

Khandita: The Irony

Khandita is perceptibly one of my all time favourite characters. She is most commonly recollected as “the one ditched by her beloved”. One of the reasons for her to be on my top-notch is the fact that she bears a substantial extent of emotions at the same time. I am trying my hand at presenting her the way I see her. She is most likely to go astray from the authentic tale. I wish to call this improvised character as ‘Khandita: The Irony’.
Khandita was too serene to get carried away. He knew her sense of commitment and exploited it time and again to craft a long distance relationship. Out of sheer virtue, she never questioned that and he never revealed the reasons. He had the nerve to meet her with all the traces of his other relationship, and when asked to leave, he quit without any explanations.
It was an insult which she had to digest without any prejudices. After pondering over it, she stopped cursing her fate because it was her fault more than his. Loving someone doesn’t mean that one never questions the other. She had had many occasions to demand explanations where she failed to exercise her right. This realisation made her get over him quickly. Weeping and cursing over her destiny was stopped immediately. The fear of falling in love once again was wiped off. Her biggest achievement was she never hated him for the failure of their relationship. And she reached a point where she laughed over her mistakes in that phase!
Her dignity was lost due to her innocence, her faith was lost due to her reliability, and she lost her lover due to her unconditional love for him. She is not only sympathised but is an immortal being for inducing a sense of apprehension towards commitment. The dormant fear of being ditched is universal, and she keeps it alive. But I would rather seal her memory as an impulsive fighter. However she is worthy of a high sense of compassion for being one of the unparalleled prevalent irony!

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Shilpa said...

ur khandita is a modern version of the traditional uttama khandita. the traditional one would've sat pining for the loss of her love n faith while urs moves on. i like this version better than the classic version coz i can relate to it much better. though i'm afraid u would encounter few real life khanditas that move on in life. and that's probably why the classic version still lives. but i think this would be a nice one to portray. we'll not find such a character in the traditional dance literature - be it indian or western;so i think together we'll create such a character to portray, what say?

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