The venomous snake broke his sleep,
The baby mongoose saw his eyes deep.
Horror struck, he froze from head to feet.

That moment was mysteriously gentle,
Indeed it was a lost battle.
And yes this state was blatantly subtle.

Certainly, it was not a reprisal of his deed.
One more frozen second and he was the feed.
Come what may he had to take the lead.

Running away would be in vain.
In a fraction of a second, he chose to refrain.
And he focussed on curbing his pain.

It was a fine leap.
He swallowed the sentient meat.
And with a tainted pride he went to sleep.

Suddenly the snake rolled and broke into two.
The baby mongoose cut him through.
It had to be a miracle to be true!

This spectacle was strangely larger than life!
As speechless as anyone to narrate this sight!
Undeniably it was Sanguinity Personified!


rounak said…
i cant believe sngis can write this....a very simple beautiful poem....facts of life become so simple when expressed this way....perhaps she draws such inspiration from within....cheers snigo!!!
Ketan said…
Life like a child shakes its rattle of death as it goes is very simple unless u make it complicated.... thoughts in ur mind flow freely in this poem shiga... keep up the good work... hugs n kisses...

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