Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Beginning in the End

Preparation time is something we all know as a term. We see it around us in every form. Even a school going kid is well versed with it. To give that one hour examination, a student spends at least a few weeks studying for the subjects every day. Dancers spend hours on rehearsals for that one show. Athletes spend a year long training sessions for that one competition. And the list of how much preparation influences the final performance is endless.

But do we really use this in our daily lives? The chances of a negative response is higher because many of us may not have even thought about it. Don't worry, when it comes to our daily lives, we do preps without even knowing that we are doing it. That is good and bad at the same time. Good because we are preparing, yet bad, because there may not be any structure to it making us lose time. The idea behind having a structure is exactly what we learnt while preparing for school exams. If you want to pass or achieve good grades, you have to study (read prepare for the exams). I guess the problem lies in the exams, because the moment we are done with school, we want rid of everything related to the bad experiences, and most of the times they are exams! And with that, the importance of preparation goes down the drain. What a pity! But I digress!

So coming back to the preparation, I wish to share my rule of thumb which saves a lot of time! To be precise, it is cut short to half of what it usually takes. And welcome "Beginning in the End"! What it simply means is to prepare for the next day while ending today. For eg. while emptying today's school bag, fill it up for the next day! While changing into pajamas at night, hook up your clothes for the next day! While winding up at work, update your tomorrow's to dos or schedules. So on and so forth.

Why it works? While ending, you are already doing more than half of the beginning activities. So it is an advantage to do the beginning at that time, as half of the things are already in place! Also you go to bed feeling accomplished and start the next day on a good note as you are already prepared! The over whelming feeling during those rush hours where little things take up insufferable time is bad. And it is the best recipe to ruin a perfectly beautiful day ahead. The feeling of peaceful mind where everything works well is by all means addictive! And it can't be achieved without these preps!

So to all those who feel the pressure in the mornings, try this and you will have saved a lot of pain already! And for those who have the peace of mind, do you follow the same rule? If not, do share with me yours to try! :-)


Linda said...

Wonderful tips. And I agree with the quotation, so true!

Snigdha Shevade said...

Dear Linda,

Thanks so much for your comment!

Warm regards,
Snigdha Shevade

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