Thursday, 15 January 2009

Time Speaks

I live for change,
I change all lives;
With a breakneck pace
Still slow for my toil.

Yesterday - today's past,
Tomorrow - today's future;
I make the past,
I define the future.

By gone is by gone,
Only ahead I see;
To amend coming tomorrows,
Than what it could be.

I aide all those,
Who want me more;
For my voice is dreams,
To lead future doors.

I never keep waiting,
Neither do I hide;
I just ask for
A genuine invite.

Seek within yourselves,
And you shall find;
That I am always there,
Standing by your side.

Have determination,
To achieve your dreams;
Determination is nothing,
But my heart that beats.

So dream your future,
Learn from the past;
Live in present,
And your life shall be a blast!!!


Dagny said...

:) :) :) :)

Snigdha Shevade said...

Why are you laughing???? ;-)

Dagny said...

Not laughing... just smiling for a long time after reading it :)

Snigdha Shevade said...

Why??? Is it because it is funny or is it because it reminds you of something in the past?? ;-)

मेरे अपने

आज आसमान मुझे देख रहा है,  सितारें कुछ ज्यादा चमक रहे हैं,  मेरे अपने जो उनमें बसे  हैं! शायद वहां रहकर खुश है! पीछे रहना बड़...