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Lost and found

It is difficult to see yourself in the mirror when you are trying an outfit with a size "X". It is next to impossible to step on the weighing scale when it is placed below the printout displaying ideal height-weight chart. Even though it lasts for a second, the pain goes to your heart when the lab assistant pricks you to get that blood sample for checking your "levels" asked by your doctor. And I can't even quantify the frustrations one goes through when every other person is up for an advice like a doctor while you are on some treatments to fix things in your body.

I know this is real because I have gone through this transition myself! It took me too long to get over the size on the label and rejecting an outfit to looking in the mirror and selecting something that flatters my body! I have spent many years keeping the weighing scale in my bathroom and check my weight daily to shifting it to the luggage cabinet only to check the weight of the luggage when some…